Become an Arizonian homesteader TODAY with this 1.48-acre property in St Johns, AZ. Enjoy the alluring beauty of this estate while you sit on your patio sipping on your favorite cup of tea and indulge in one of your bestseller collections.

Become lost in the picturesque scenes of the wide-open terrains of Petrified Forest National Park. Pose for a moment of time to be captured against the towering backdrop of mudstones at The Tepees. Enjoy a night out with friends camping at White Mountain Nature Center.

If you are a water lover, a day spent at Rainbow Lake will be your heaven on earth. Harness its fishing and boating adventures. Experience the serenity of sunset on the lake as the setting sun gazes upon the water.

This is your 1.48-acre chance to lead an adventurous life.

Property Details:

Parcel Number: 203-49-301

County:   Apache County, AZ

Parcel Size: 1.48 acres

GPS Coordinates: 34.4969, -109.4394

Google Map link: LINK

Access to Property (Dirt or Paved): Dirt

Additional Land Info:

Closest major city:

Holbrook, AZ (53.4 miles, 52 mins)

Closest small town:

Vernon, AZ (35.1 miles, 38 mins)

Nearby attractions and amenities:

Rainbow Forest Museum (37.4 miles, 38 mins)
Petrified Forest National Park (35.2 miles, 34 mins)
Pintado Point (60 miles, 1h 11 mins)

Discount Cash Price:

1.48 acres – $5,950.00 Cash

Terms Sales:

$200 down, $130 a month x 60 months

Each month a $10 note maintenance fee and approximately $5 toward the annual property taxes will be added to the monthly purchase amount.

All sales regardless of size will have a one-time $250 document fee.

Ready to buy?

$450 reserves this property today

$200 down + $250 doc prep fee