$99 down, $250 doc fee. $110 a month x 60 months.

It would be silly to pay for a hotel when you own property in Apache county AZ where you can sleep under a blanket of stars anytime you want. You can have a permanent weekend spot and never be bored again! Wake up in the morning and head out to nearby rock formations, lakes and more. Please call or email with any questions that you have, I’m happy to answer them!

Property Details:

Parcel Account #s: 204-11-563

County: Apache County, AZ
Parcel Size: 2 acres
GPS Coordinates: 34.594260, -109.627186
Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/m6zkfaVpnLQHzeUR6

Access to Property (Dirt or Paved): Dirt

Additional Land Info:

Closest major city:

St Johns, AZ (17.7 miles, 21 min)

Closest small town:

Springerville, AZ (45.3 miles, 47 min)

Nearby attractions and amenities:

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (72.6 miles, 1 h 32 min )
Petrified Forest National Park (21.1 miles, 22 min)
Tonto National Forest (92.5 miles, 1 h 41 min)

Discount Cash Price:

2 acres – $5,225.00 cash

Terms Sales:

$99 down, $250 doc fee. $110 a month x 60 months

Each month a $10 note maintenance fee and approximately $5 toward the annual property taxes will be added to the monthly purchase amount.

All sales regardless of size will have a one-time $250 document fee.

Ready to buy?

$449 reserves this property today

$199 down + $250 doc prep fee