Second Act Land Company FAQ


Q: Why are your properties discounted so much?

A: We buy properties directly from owners who are eager to sell for a variety of reasons. We buy them at a discount and pass the savings on to you. 


Q: Do your properties include utilities?

A: Unless otherwise noted, none of the properties have utilities in place. Some may have power nearby. Check with the local utility company for more specific information about a parcel. Oftentimes, solar and water delivery is more cost effective than the expense of digging a well and bringing power to a property.


Q: Can I meet you at the property to inspect it prior to buying?

A: We do not live near where most of our land is sold. But that doesn’t matter! Please go check the property at your convenience. However, properties are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so the quicker the better! We prefer our buyers to know what they’re getting and are happy with their purchases. You don’t even need our permission. But if you tell us you’re going, we will email you GPS coordinates and/or a Google Maps link that will help you find it. 


Q: I have bad credit. Can I still finance land?

A: Yes. If you can afford the down payment you can buy land from us. Why? Because we don’t run credit checks, use banks or care what your credit is. When you buy land over time from us, it is with a land contract. As long as you make your monthly payments, the land is yours to enjoy. Once the property is paid in full, we record a new title in your name with the county. However, if you stop paying, we keep the title and sell the property to someone else. This is how we lower our risk while making it so easy to purchase land.


Q: Do I need a real estate agent or lawyer to close on a property?

A: No. Our process is so simple that there is no need to incur such expense. Just make a small good faith deposit, electronically sign the contract in a few places, and the property is yours. 


Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: We offer an unconditional 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied that the land you purchased is all that we said it was, we will refund your money or exchange it for any other property in our portfolio. See website for details about this policy:


Q: Why should I buy land from you?

A: A fair question. You may be skeptical. We totally understand. We are in the land selling business for the long-haul. And since we may never meet in person, the only way we know how to build our business is with integrity, honesty and transparency. Our reputation is everything and we will not jeopardize that for any reason. Additionally, our way of doing business is proven to be safe and reliable. References from happy buyers, sellers and other investors are available upon request.

Q: How do I apply for owner financing?

A: Easy! Just call or email and tell us what you are interested in. We try to respond within 1-2 days. We will confirm that the property is a good fit for you and go from there. 


Q: How does your process work?

A: Ours is a very simple, time-tested system designed to ensure that you understand what is going on at all times in the sales process. Whether you intend to buy property outright with cash or finance over time, we have a system for that. The entire process can be found here:


Q: How long does the closing process take?

A: From the moment you make your deposit to when you can put your feet up on your new land varies by county and circumstances, but generally, we can get it done within 2 weeks. 


Q: How much time do I have to decide?

A: Take all the time you need. BUT, our properties are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. If you like a property, we suggest you immediately make the down payment. This takes it off the market and secures it for you. And if you change your mind, no problem! You are covered by our guarantee. We will refund your money (less the document prep fee) or exchange it for another one in our portfolio. 


Q: Are these properties available on the MLS?

A: Our properties will not be found on the Multiple Listing Service. Real estate agents use this. We skip the middlemen and market our properties ourselves. This save a lot of money and sales commissions (ranging from 5%-8% typically). These savings are passed on to you through discounted pricing.